Public policy

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We work to shape a favorable business environment for our company and industry. This includes maintaining a competitive tax environment and complying with export control obligations that reflect the global high-tech market. We also encourage environmental regulations that are balanced, consistent and reflect the realities of multinational operations and complex manufacturing processes.

Tax policy

We support local, national and international tax policies that recognize that the semiconductor industry is global, capital-intensive and R&D-focused. Worldwide, we to seek to ensure that tax policies are fair, predictable and transparent, and contribute to the global competitiveness of our operations.

Export controls

We take seriously our obligation to comply with export-control laws and requirements. The U.S. Government regulates the export of certain semiconductors, equipment and technology to particular countries and individuals. Current and proposed regulations should keep pace with technology developments.

We engage in ongoing efforts to reform export controls to reflect the global high-tech marketplace, while ensuring key technologies do not fall into the wrong hands. We support efforts to ensure export-control regulations remain up-to-date and flexible by:

  • Addressing treatment of dual-use products and products with encryption
  • Streamlining the deemed exports authorization process
  • Clarifying rules involving the transfer of products within companies

Operational flexibility and supply chain

Our global supply chain and operations are essential to delivering innovative products and value to our customers. We monitor policies that affect our operational flexibility. Specifically, we support:

  • Maintaining affordable, sustainable and reliable access to energy and water for TI manufacturing sites
  • Managing privacy and cybersecurity concerns responsibly with flexible approaches that allow businesses to innovatively serve their customers around the world
  • Promoting responsible supply-chain policies, including feasible and effective efforts to ensure that our products do not contain minerals derived from conflict sources

Environment, safety and health

We have a strong record and commitment to ensuring a safe workplace and being a responsible steward of the environment.

We monitor environmental laws and regulations, particularly at the sites where we operate, to ensure well-informed and responsible approaches. Our priorities include:

  • Encouraging environmental measures that are balanced, consistent and reflect the realities of multinational operations and complex manufacturing processes
  • Ensuring that new regulations and legislation are both workable and proportionate