Public policy

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Our company supports expanding access to international markets and creating opportunities for technology-driven business growth. This enables us to deliver our products to our global customers. 

Market access

As a U.S.-headquartered, multinational company that sells the majority of our products overseas, we advocate for open trade policies that recognize the global nature of the electronics industry and promote fair competition.

We work with governments to encourage trade agreements and policies that:

  • Increase market access by reducing tariffs and eliminating other barriers to trade
  • Modernize trade for the digital age
  • Address discriminatory practices, standards or requirements that restrict trade
  • Increase transparency
  • Set high standards for intellectual property protection

Technology-driven growth

Electronics continue to revolutionize many sectors, including automotive, industrial, medical and energy. The physical world is being connected in new and innovative ways. We support policies that foster technological advancements and allow our business to grow in these areas. Specifically, we support:

  • Encouraging deployment of technologies that improve automotive safety and increase energy efficiency
  • Enabling the development of connectivity for both industrial users and consumers to benefit from smart technologies