Audio Op Amps - Tools & software

Reference designs, software and hardware tools for your audio design

TI Designs - Precision

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system


TINA-TI is free, easy-to-use circuit simulation tool based on a SPICE engine. It can be used with any of the SPICE models provided with TI's precision amplifiers and data converters

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DIP Adapter

The DIP-Adapter-EVM provides an easy, low cost way to prototype small surface mount IC's

WEBENCH® Filter Designer

The WEBENCH Filter Designer lets you design, optimize, and simulate complete multi-stage active filter solutions within minutes

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Featured TI Designs reference designs

Hi-Fi headphone amplifier for current output audio DACs

Converts the differential current output of audio DACs to a single-ended voltage capable of driving low-impedance headphones

Active volume control for professional audio

Split-supply, high-performance volume control that attenuates a professional line-level audio signal