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Level Shifting Signals With Differential Amplifiers (Rev. A) PDF 64 02 Apr 2018
High-Speed Zero Cross Detection Read Abstract PDF 9 23 Mar 2018
Antialiasing Filter Circuit Design for Single-Ended ADC Input Using Fixed Cutoff PDF 244 07 Mar 2018

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Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. C) PDF 1577 29 Mar 2017
TI Components for Aerospace and Defense Guide (Rev. E) PDF 9699 22 Mar 2017
Precision Linear Audio Amplifiers Selection Guide PDF 4555 08 Nov 2016

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Cities grow smarter through innovative semiconductor technologies PDF 3648 07 Jul 2017
Charging stations: Toward an EV support infrastructure PDF 1378 09 May 2017
Voltage-reference impact on total harmonic distortion PDF 3142 01 Aug 2016