Ultra-Low-Power Op Amps (<=250uA) - Tools & software

Reference designs, software and hardware tools for your ultra-low-power design

DIP Adapter EVM

Provides an easy, low cost way to prototype small, surface-mount IC's


Free, easy-to-use circuit simulation tool based on a SPICE engine. TINA-TI can be used with any of the SPICE models provided with TI's precision amplifiers and data converters

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Parametric cross-reference

Search for any suppliers' op amps to find similar TI devices by parameter

Amplifier product selection guide

Software standalone parametric selection tool

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Featured TI Designs reference designs

PIR motion detector with 10-year battery life

Uses nano-power op amps, comparators and the SimpleLink™ ultra-low-power, 2.4GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform

Loop-powered, 4-20mA, EMC/EMI-tested circuit

Includes a protection circuit that provides immunity to the IEC61000-4 test suite and a circuit to rectify a reverse-polarity supply voltage transmission

±1A single-supply current sensing circuit

Accurately detects load currents from -1 A to 1 A with an output linear range of 110 mV to 3.19 V