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Xilinx FPGA & CPLD Power Management Solutions

Texas Instruments works closely with Xilinx® to recommend the best power solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our robust reference design library accommodates the power requirements of the Xilinx FPGA and Xilinx CPLD families in a variety of applications. You can speed your design process by leveraging Texas Instruments' proven reference designs.


Xilinx Compatible Reference Designs

Virtex-6 Families Virtex-5 Families Virtex-4 Families
Virtex-6 / XC6VLX Series Virtex-5 / XC5VLX Series Virtex-4 / XC4VFX Series
Virtex-6 / XC6VLXT Series Virtex-5 / XC5VLXT Series Virtex-4 / XC4VLX Series
Virtex-6 / XC6VSXT Series Virtex-5 / XC5VSXT Series Virtex-4 / XC4VSX Series

Download the Virtex 6 LX130T Module Design – Virtex-6 Reference Design 12-V Input Bus Design (PDF 84 KB)

Spartan-6 Families Spartan-3 Families CoolRunner-II Families
Spartan-6 / XC6SLX Series Spartan-3A / XC3S_A Series CoolRunner-II: XC2C Series
Spartan-6 / SC6SLXT Series Spartan-3A DSP / XC3SD_A Series
Spartan-3E / XC3S_E Series
Spartan-3 / XC3S Series

Visit Xilinx’s Power Solutions website for more information about Xilinx FPGA and CPLD power requirements.

Questions? Contact fpgasupport@list.ti.com


ML605 Power Block Diagram

ML605 Power Block Diagram - TI.com
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