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DLP Light Commander Kit: Extending the Connection Between the Controller and DMD


The DLP LightCommander development kit was introduced as a platform for exploring the possibilities of DLP technology, and facilitating the development of customer DLP applications. The LightCommander is modular in concept, allowing for a certain amount of flexibility in the arrangement of the components and modifications to the default setup. One of the configurations often requested involves the use of the DLP5500 Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) in a user-defined optical arrangement, rather than in the LC default configuration. As shipped, the LC comes with the DMD attached to an optical train consisting of an LED source, an illuminator optical system, and a F-mount lens port for projection of the DMD image on to a screen, or other area. The DMD is located in a socket on a PC board which plugs into a connector located at one end of the LC Controller Board, and is held at a right angle to the Controller Board. The combined assembly is then mounted inside the LC such that the DMD board (with DMD) is properly located with respect to the optical components of the illuminator and projection lens.