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THS4521/45222/4524EVM User's Guide


The THS4521, THS4522, and THS4524 family of devices are very low-power, fully differential operational amplifiers with rail-to-rail output and an input common-mode range that includes the negative rail. These amplifiers are designed for low-power data-acquisition systems and high-density applications where power dissipation is a critical parameter. The THS4521EVM is an evaluation module (EVM) for the single version, THS4521, in an SO-8 (D) package. The THS4522EVM is an evaluation module for the dual version, THS4522, in a TSSOP-16 (PW) package. The THS4524EVM is an evaluation module for the quad version, THS4524, in a TSSOP-32 (DBT) package. The THS4521/2/4EVMs are designed to quickly and easily demonstrate the functionality and versatility of these amplifiers. Each EVM is ready to connect to power, a signal source, and a variety of test instruments through the use of onboard connectors. The default amplifier configuration for each module is a single-ended input, single-ended output (via transformer), and split-supply operation. The EVMs can be easily configured for differential input, differential output, and single-supply operation.