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TPS65988 BC1.2 Implementation Guideline


With the introduction of USB Type-C, higher power charging is allowed over USB connection. USB TypeC connection allows up to 20 V 5 A to be carried over VBUS. However it is required for both ends of the connection support USB PD protocol or discovery process to allow for the higher VBUS charging. For higher power charging over USB Type-C to legacy USB connection, BC1.2 charging mechanism can be employed. In addition to USB Type-C and PD controller features, TPS65987D/TPS65988 has also integrated BC1.2 charging detection and advertisement features for backward compatibility with legacy USB sources and sinks that may use BC.12 for charging. Using TPS65987D/88, all charging schemes allowed for USB Type-C systems including BC1.2 can be supported without an additional legacy component.