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Remote Shut Off in Flow Meters is Instrumental for Smart Utility Deployment


Remote Shut Off features in Smart Gas, Heat, and Water Meters provide tangible benefits to society, utilities, and consumers for conservation, efficiency, and protection Global demand for resources is rising, and related the need for resource conservation is becoming more and more important. Smart Meters service the last stage of resource distribution through measurement, and features like Remote Shut Off contribute to improved resource distribution and efficiency. Flow Meters, which distribute water, heat, and gas show increasing popularity in implementing the Remote Shut Off not only for conservation efforts, but to improve utility company business efficiency and provide consumers with additional benefits. This white paper discusses the Remote Shut Off feature found in Flow Meters, which is a category of Smart Meters including Gas Meters, Heat Meters, and Water Meters. The paper will explain what this feature is, what the feature is used for, and how it can be implemented simply.