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Wearable Temp-Sensing Layout Considerations Optimized for Thermal Response (Rev. B)


This application note discusses thermal response considerations for IC temperature sensors in measuring skin temperature for wearable applications such as fitness bands and medical devices. It will specifically focus on two devices —the LMT70 and the TMP117 temperature sensors —over the human body temperature range. This information can be applied, however, to other temperature sensors that come in similar packages. Contact temperature sensors, such as the LMT70 and the TMP117, need to be placed in close contact with the surface that must be measured. This can be quite challenging for both DSBGA (LMT70 and TMP117) and WSON (TMP117) packages if fast thermal response is also necessary. Experimental results of different PCB layouts for measuring axillary (armpit) temperature and oral temperature will be presented.