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Margin Analysis Program (MAP) and strobe positions for DS90UB954-Q1 and 960-Q1


TI’s DS90UB954-Q1 and DS90UB960-Q1 deserializers includes multiple forms of automatic adaptations to improve link reliability. One such method is the use of automatically adjusted strobe positions, which control where data is sampled in the signal eye. Different strobe positions may be the most effective in different circumstances depending on factors such as cable length, cable quality, and temperature. The Margin Analysis Program (MAP) checks for errors and lock at combinations of the strobe positions and EQ levels to analyze the margin in the system. This document will provide an overview of strobe positions in the DS90UB954-Q1 and DS90UB960-Q1, including what strobe positions mean, how to configure strobe positions, and how to use the Margin Analysis Program (MAP) in the Analog LaunchPad™ development kit with the DS90UB954-Q1 and DS90UB960-Q1 devices.