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AN-1521 POEPHYTEREV-I / -E User Guide (Rev. C)


The POEPHYTEREV-I/-E evaluation board is a seamless design demonstrating Texas Instruments LM5072 PoE product (capable of up to 24W) and DP83848I (single port 10/100Mb/s) Ethernet PHYTER® product. While both the LM5072 and the DP83848 Ethernet PHY device have many advanced and enticing features, this specific board is designed to demonstrate a subset of those features, specifically Power over Ethernet. Two versions of this board are available. The –I version has an RJ-45 connector that with integrated Ethernet magnetics. The –E version has discrete RJ-45 connector and Ethernet magnetics. The schematics of the board are available with this kit for duplication into an end application product.