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Part # Name
ESD122 2-Channel ESD Protection Diode for USB Type-C and HDMI 2.0
ESD401 1-Channel ESD Protection Diode
LMH0397 LMH0397 3G-SDI Bidirectional I/O with Integrated Reclocker
LMH1208 LMH1208 12G UHD-SDI Dual Cable Driver
LMH1228 LMH1228 12G UHD-SDI Dual Cable Driver with Integrated Reclocker
LMH1297 LMH1297 12G UHD-SDI Bidirectional I/O with Integrated Reclocker
ONET2804TLP ONET2804TLP 28 Gbps Low-Power 4-Channel Limiting TIA with RSSI
TCA9800 I2C Level-Translation I2C Bus Repeater
TCA9801 Level-Translating I2C Bus Buffer/Repeater
TCA9802 Level-Translating I2C Bus Buffer/Repeater
TCA9803 Level-Translating I2C Bus Buffer/Repeater
THVD1500 5V RS-485 Transceivers up to 300kbps With ±8kV IEC ESD Protection
TIOL111 IO-Link Device Transceivers With Integrated Surge Protection
TIOS101 Digital Sensor Output Drivers With Integrated Surge Protection
TPD2S300 TPD2S300 USB Type C Short-to-VBus and IEC ESD Protector for CC
TUSB2046I 4-Port USB Hub W/Optional Serial EEPROM Interface
TUSB544 USB TYPE-C™ 8.1 Gbps Multi-Protocol Linear Redriver
TUSB8044 TUSB8044 Four-Port USB3.1 Gen1 Hub with Billboard