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Part # Name
ESD204 4-Channel Low-Capacitance Surge and ESD Protection Diode
ESD224 4-Channel Low Clamping ESD Protection Device for HDMI Interface
HD3SS3202 Two-Channel Differential 2:1/1:2 USB3.1 Mux/Demux
SN65LVDS93B 10 MHz - 85 MHz LVDS Serdes Transmitter
TDP142 DisplayPort™ 8.1 Gbps Linear Redriver
THVD1450 3.3-V to 5-V RS-485 Transceivers With ±16-kV IEC ESD Protection
THVD1552 5V RS-485 Transceivers With ±18kV IEC ESD Protection
TUSB1002A USB3.2 10 Gbps Dual-channel Linear Redriver
TUSB1044 USB TYPE-C™ 10 Gbps Multi-Protocol Bi-Directional Linear Redriver
TUSB1064 USB Type-C™ DP Alt Mode 10 Gbps Linear Redriver Crosspoint Switch for Sink...
TUSB564 USB TYPE-C™ DP Alt Mode Linear Redriver Crosspoint Switch for Sink Side
TVS0500 5V Flat-Clamp Surge Protection Device
TVS1400 14V Flat-Clamp Surge Protection Device
TVS1800 18V Flat-Clamp Surge Protection Device
TVS2200 22V Flat-Clamp Surge Protection Device
TVS2700 27V Flat-Clamp Surge Protection Device