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Part # Name
DS250DF210 25-Gbps Multi-Rate 2-Channel Retimer
DS280MB810 Low Power 28Gbps 8 Channel Repeater With Crosspoint
FPC401 Quad Port Controller
LMH1297 LMH1297 12G UHD-SDI Bidirectional I/O with Integrated Reclocker
ONET1131EC Externally Modulated Laser Driver With Integrated Clock and Data Recovery...
SN65HVS883 34 V, Eight-Channel Digital-Input Serializer
SN65MLVD204B Multipoint-LVDS Line Driver and Receiver
SN65MLVD206B Half-Duplex M-LVDS Transceiver
TDP158 6 Gbps AC Coupled to TMDS™/HDMI™ Redriver
TPD6S300 USB Type-C™ Port Protector: Short-to-VBUS Overvoltage and IEC ESD...
TPD8S300 USB Type-C™ Port Protector: Short-to-VBUS Overvoltage and IEC ESD...
TPS25741A USB Type-C™ and USB PD Source Controllers
TPS65983 USB Type-C™ and USB PD Controller, Power Switch, and High-Speed Multiplexer
TPS65983B Universal USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 Controller
TUSB422 USB PD TCPCi Port Controller
TUSB522P 3.3-V Dual Channel USB3.1 GEN 1 Re-Driver, Equalizer
TVS3300 33V Precision Surge Protection Clamp