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Power Requirements for TMS320C6474
Core, I/O Pin Name Voltage (V) Imax (mA) Tolerance Sequencing Order Timing Delay
Core CVDD 0.9 to 1.2 8,600 ±3% 2 All supplies must be stable within 200ms after power ramp begins.
Core DVDD18, AVDD1_18, AVDD2_18, AIF_VDDR_18, SGR_VDDR_18 1.8 900 ±5% 1
Core AVDD1_18, AVDD2_18, AIF_VDDR_18, SGR_VDDR_18 1.8 180 ±5% 1
Core DVDD_11 (AIF_VDDD_11, AIF_VDDA_11, AIF_VDDT_11, SGR_VDDD_11, SGR_VDDA_11,SGR_VDDT_11) 1.1 1,450 ±5% 2


  • All 1.8V rails may be combined and all 1.1V rails may be combined; however, follow the filtering recommendations for each voltage rail in the C6474 Hardware Design Guide (spraaw7).
  • Consult the C6474 power spreadsheet for your exact power requirements.
  • DVDD18 voltage rail includes power required for external DDR2 memory.

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Reference Designs for TMS320C6474
Name File Name/Size Date Download
5V and 12 V Input
C6474 (x2) Power using Modules slta058, 108 KB Sep 2008
C6474 (x4) Power using Modules slta057, 132 KB Sep 2008
C6474 Core Power using DCDC Controller with Integrated VID slva316, 640 KB Jan 2009

Note: Unless otherwise noted, these reference designs are tested to meet the specs given in the above power specification table.

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Complementary Analog Documentation

  • TMS320C6474 Power Consumption Summary (spraax3.pdf, 85 Kbytes)
    Oct 2008 Download
  • TMS320C6474 Power Consumption Summary (spraax3.zip, 227 Kbytes)
    Nov 2008 Download

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Resources for TMS320C6474

  • Power Management for Processor Core Voltage Requirements (slyt261, 186 KB)
    Dec 2006 Download
  • TMS320C6474 Datasheet (sprs552, 2.2 MB)
    Oct 2008 Download
  • TMS320C6474 Hardware Design Guide (Rev. B) (spraaw7b.pdf, 381 Kbytes)
    Jul 2010 Download

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Related System Block Diagrams (SBDs)

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