Hybrid, Electric & Power Train Systems

Hybrid, Electric & Power Train Systems – Technical Documents

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Solutions Guide (Rev. C)

This guide helps you explore TI’s IC solutions as the various transportation sectors become increasingly electrified on a path toward energy efficiency and sustainability.

Two-Phase Interleaved PFC Converter w/ Power Metering Design Guide

Presents the implementation details of a digitally controlled 2-Phase Interleaved Power Factor Correction (ILPFC) converter. A C2000 Piccolo-B control card and a 700W ILPFC EVM are used to implement the complete system

Design considerations for resolver-to-digital converters in electric vehicles

This application note covers basic principles involved in designing a resolver-to-digital converter (RDC) interface, a discussion of RDC architecture based on a digital tracking loop.

Safety Manual for PGA411-Q1 Resolver Sensor Interface

This document is a safety manual for the Texas Instruments PGA411-Q1 resolver sensor interface. This manual provides information to help developers integrate the PGA411-Q1 device into safety related systems.

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