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2016 Automotive Infotainment Guide (Rev. D)

Infotainment systems combine entertainment, multi-media and driver information functions in one module. With the industry’s broadest analog selection and extensive digital embedded and applications processing portfolio.

Automotive Emergency Call (eCall) Audio Subsystem Design Guide

This TI Design shows how to use TI's automotive two-channel audio codec (TLV320AIC3104-Q1) and a Class D audio amplifier (TAS5411-Q1) for eCall applications.

EMI Suppression of FPD-Link Device In Automotive Application (I)

This series of application notes covers how to reduce FPD-Link system EMI in different aspects, including component and system level.

Automotive 4-Channel Class D Amplifier for Head Unit Design Guide

This reference design provides a Class D-based amplifier solution that allows it to be evaluated in the form factor of a typical Class AB amplifier. The design is optimized to mitigate thermals associated with audio amplifiers

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Application notes

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Automotive Diagnostics using TAS2505-Q1 (Rev. A) PDF 82 30 Oct 2017 876
How to Calculate the Output Voltage Ranges of the Charge Pumps in the TPS65150 Read Abstract PDF 8 06 Feb 2017 354
AN-2013 LMZ1050x/LMZ1050xEXT SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Module (Rev. E) Read Abstract PDF 8 02 Feb 2017 500

Selection guides

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
USB Power Switch and Charging Controller Selector Guide (Rev. E) PDF 403 17 Oct 2017 1648
Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. C) PDF 1572 29 Mar 2017 23735
Hercules Microcontrollers (Rev. D) PDF 2761 18 Nov 2016 3376

Solution guides

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Motor Drive and Control Solutions (Rev. I) PDF 6493 16 Nov 2016 51966
2016 Automotive Infotainment Guide (Rev. D) PDF 1248 01 Jun 2016 9106
ADAS Solutions Guide (Rev. B) PDF 1387 01 Jun 2016 5606

White papers

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Get on the fast-track to automotive system innovation with Texas Instruments PDF 2566 28 Sep 2017 21158
Making Cars Safer Through Technology Innovation (Rev. A) PDF 1686 07 Jun 2017 2400
Driving the green revolution in transportation PDF 586 23 Sep 2016 12136