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TI is pleased to work with many customers to bring the next-generation of vehicles to drivers and passengers.

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Audi’s MIB High system, the next-generation infotainment platform for Audi vehicles, is the first automotive system to incorporate TI’s "Jacinto 5" automotive infotainment processor.

Jacinto 5 plays an important role in the new architecture of Audi's high infotainment systems, which consist of a multimedia applications unit ("MMX") and a highly integrated radio and car control unit ("RCC"). Among other features, the processor enables feature-rich vehicle interfaces, and vivid digital radio and audio within the RCC unit in Audi's MIB High system, which debuted in the 2012 Audi A3.

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Ford Motor Company and TI collaborated on an infotainment solution that enhances the way consumers interact with their vehicles.

The new Ford SYNC® 3, a communications and entertainment system, incorporates TI's OMAP™ 5 processor, a member of the "Jacinto" family of automotive processors, the WiLink™ 8Q platform, a single-chip combining high performance Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® 4.0 and GNSS, as well as power management and FPD-Link III serializer/deserializer (SerDes) wired connectivity solutions. Together the TI devices provide improved performance for enhanced voice recognition and navigation, quality hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi enabled software updates and enhanced driver interactivity.

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Volkswagen and TI have collaborated on an infotainment platform that delivers one of the most dynamic technologies available and offers new levels of performance, flexibility and adaptability.

The Volkswagen MIB II infotainment platform incorporates a range of TI's "Jacinto" processors, as well as power management integrated circuits (ICs), and FPD-Link III serializers and deserializers. Together, the TI devices provide improved processing performance, platform scalability and a responsive user interface.

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SAIC Motor (SAIC), Alibaba Group (Alibaba) and TI worked together to introduce the first “Internet Car”, the Roewe RX5, featuring cutting-edge technology and smart operating system, leads a sales rush in Tmall automobile trading platform.

Powered by TI’s “Jacinto 6” family of infotainment processors, the “Internet Car” provides a number of new cloud features including customized data and voice control service. Also, it features the industry’s first infotainment advanced driver assistance system (InfoADAS) supporting internet services.

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BMW and TI collaborated together on the launch of the all-new BMW 2-series convertible.

The TI infotainment processors behind the all-new BMW head-unit employ the “Jacinto” mutlicore heterogeneous architecture, leveraging the latest generation ARM® Cortex®-A15 multicore CPUs and Imagination Technologies multicore 3D Graphics on OMAP5, and DRA65x “Jacinto 5” for advanced sound and audio capabilities. This architecture, leveraging OMAP5 for user-interface and “Jacinto 5” for vehicle interface functions, allows each to perform at the peak of their capabilities without compromising performance.

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