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How to optimize building and home automation designs for energy efficiency

NEW! Learn how nanopowered devices help increase functionality and decrease power consumption.

Enabling the next generation of video doorbells

Video doorbells are changing the face of this decades-old device and semiconductors are ready to meet the challenge.

Extending battery life in smart locks

Our building automation experts discuss methods to extend battery life in smart lock architectures by reducing system standby power consumption.

SC Temp Sensors Challenge Precision RTDs and Thermistors in Build Automation (Rev. A)

This application report discusses the LMT70 temperature sensor, whose footprint is less than 1 sq. mm, while its parametric performance challenges the accuracy of RTDs at cost levels lower than those of thermistors.

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High-Speed and Data Converter literature (Rev. A) PDF 1385 07 Nov 2012
Analog Front End Imaging Guide 1Q 2011 (Rev. B) PDF 2053 07 Jan 2011
3Q08 Video and Imaging Guide: Home Entertainment section PDF 137 10 Jul 2008

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