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Extending battery life in smart locks

TI’s building automation experts discuss methods to extend battery life in smart lock architectures by reducing system standby power consumption.

Connected Sensors Building Automation Systems Guide (Rev. A)

TI has a broad portfolio of products that cater to connected sensing in building automation applications. This portfolio ranges from innovative sensor analog front-end products to low-power wireless connectivity solutions.

Building automation for enhanced energy and operational efficiency (Rev. A)

In this white paper, we will discuss building automation solutions, focusing on aspects of the Building Control System. TI’s Sitara processors facilitate intelligent automation of the control systems.

SC Temp Sensors Challenge Precision RTDs and Thermistors in Build Automation

This application report discusses the LMT70 temperature sensor, whose footprint is less than 1 sq. mm, while its parametric performance challenges the accuracy of RTDs at cost levels lower than those of thermistors.

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