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Isolated 70-W Streetlight LED Driver Using UCC28810

This application report describes use of UCC28810 in a single-stage 70-W streetlight LED driver in AC/DC Flyback topology with fixed-frequency & constant on-time switching, to achieve power factor >0.9 and current THD <10%.

PWM and Analog Dimming Solution to Implement 0.05% to100% Dimming Range UCC28811

In this paper, the combined dimming solution (PWM and 1- to 10-V analog) based on the UCC28810/11 device is provided to meet today’s wider dimming range specification for the LED ceiling lamp application.

AN-1696 Designing a Boost LED Driver Using the LM5022 (Rev. B)

This application report provides a component-by-component design guide for a boost converter-based LED driver using the LM5022.

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Application notes

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Optimizing Transient Response of Internally Compensated DC-DC Converters (Rev. B) PDF 1085 29 Nov 2017 2026
Current Sensing in No-Neutral Light Switches (Rev. A) PDF 249 16 Oct 2017 1262
LDO Noise Demystified (Rev. A) Read Abstract PDF 8 09 Aug 2017 1654

Selection guides

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Logic Guide (Rev. AB) PDF 4882 12 Jun 2017 10404
Low-Power DC/DC Converter Overview Guide (Rev. D) PDF 206 09 Feb 2017 3772
C2000 Microcontrollers Brochure (Rev. AD) PDF 2888 28 Jun 2016 10090

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Wireless Connectivity For The Internet of Things, One Size Does Not Fit All (Rev. A) PDF 873 16 Oct 2017 6190
Bringing Wireless Scalability to Intelligent Sensing Applications (Rev. B) PDF 775 25 Aug 2016 2264
Smart power opens door to more efficient electrical use PDF 960 21 Mar 2016 1809