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Clock Solution for GSPS ADCs Design Guide

The latest ADCs from Texas Instruments offer an example of a clocking solution for a Giga sampling ADC.

Power Management Guide 2016 (Rev. Q)

Texas Instruments (TI) offers complete power solutions with a full line of high-performance products. Included in this selection guide are design factors, featured products, portfolios & parametric tables.

The Best of Baker's Best – Amplifiers eBook

Best of Baker’s Best e-books Learn more from Bonnie Baker’s best short articles on SAR analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), delta-sigma ADCs and precision amplifiers.

Precision Data Converter Companion Devices Selection Guide (Rev. A)

This selection guide features TI’s portfolio of SAR analog to digital converter (ADC) devices.

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Application notes

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Optimizing the DLP® Spectrometer Signal Chain PDF 4167 14 Sep 2016 1822
Flexible Trade-offs in Maximizing SNR and Res. in TI DLP® Tech. Based Spec. Sys. PDF 1368 01 Aug 2016 413
DLP® NIRscan™ Nano Optical Design Considerations PDF 207 14 Jan 2016 1059

Selection guides

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
C2000 Microcontrollers Brochure (Rev. AD) PDF 2888 28 Jun 2016 10010
Power Management Guide 2016 (Rev. Q) Multiple Files 5939 10 Jun 2016 21999
MSP Low-Power Microcontrollers (Rev. AD) PDF 5481 23 Mar 2016 6912

Solution guides

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference Guide 4th Edition (Rev. B) PDF 6123 22 Apr 2015 14603
Field Transmitters and Process Instrumentation Solution Guide (Rev. B) PDF 1318 31 Oct 2014 2416
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solution Guide (Rev. A) PDF 2368 28 Oct 2014 2497

White papers

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Voltage-reference impact on total harmonic distortion PDF 3142 01 Aug 2016 705
DLP Technology for Spectroscopy (Rev. A) PDF 907 15 Aug 2015 593
Maximizing Multicore Efficiency with Navigator Runtime PDF 914 23 Feb 2012 268