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USB Type-C™ represents breakthrough connectivity

USB Type-C is changing the way we interact with electronics and deliver breakthrough capability in how we receive and transmit data. It will provide unprecedented opportunities for end users, designers and manufacturers .

ESD by Interface Selection Guide (Rev. A)

TI offers system-level ESD protection for all interface connectors with a portfolio that includes diodes, diode arrays and integrated protection. Use this guide to select the right device for your interface.

Extract maximum power from the supply when charging a battery

Learn how to design the charging circuit to achieve the maximum power from the adapter despite the undesired resistances between the supply and battery.

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Application notes

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Simplify Home Audio Systems With the PCM9211 - A Versatile Audio Transceiver (Rev. A) PDF 103 28 Sep 2018
Understanding Undervoltage Lockout in Power Devices (Rev. A) Read Abstract PDF 8 19 Sep 2018
PD Alternate Mode: Thunderbolt (Rev. A) PDF 2999 04 Sep 2018

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MSP Low-Power Microcontrollers (Rev. AD) PDF 5481 23 Mar 2016
RF-Sampling and GSPS ADCs: Breakthrough ADCs Revolutionize Radio Architectures PDF 2045 16 May 2012
Analog Front End Imaging Guide 1Q 2011 (Rev. B) PDF 2053 07 Jan 2011

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