Portable Electronics

Portable Electronics – Overview

Portable Electronics

TI’s end equipment solutions for portable electronics integrate audio and digital expertise. Providing increased application flexibility, compact and versatile devices, and power-efficient solutions for consumers.

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Featured reference designs

Compact full HD 1080p projection display

Compact full HD 1080p (up to 16 Amps) projection display using DLP Pico technology.

Audio boom box/portable speaker

Audio boom box/portable speaker with efficient boost converter

Output short-circuit protection

Output short-circuit protection for the TPS61088 boost converter

Featured products

Audio Solutions

TI delivers the highest-quality audio experience with a broad, diverse portfolio that exceeds the needs of the fast changing audio market.

Wireless Connectivity solutions

TI’s family of PurePath™ Wireless audio products feature 2.4 GHz audio ICs that transmit uncompressed CD-quality audio over a radio frequency (RF) link, with error-free, lossless transmissions.

Single Core Processors & Low-Power Microcontroller

TI’s 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers (MCU) portfolio scales from low power to high performance with wired and wireless connectivity options.

Featured content

Real-Time Color Management for DLPC343x Application Note

Introducing a new color management system by using a 3-color digital sensor on a DLPC343x-based LED projector. including new sensor hardwar.e.

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