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DS15BA101 & DS15EA101 Enable Long Reach Applications for Embedded Clock SER/DES (Rev. E)


Reduction in system size, increase in system performance and savings in system cost are valuable benefits that SER/DES devices (Serializers and Deserializers) bring to many system designers. These benefits are the reason why SER/DES are integral pieces of many of today’s high-speed systems. One of the design constraints for these systems is the maximum transmission distance between a serializer and a deserializer. While most SER/DES can support transmission over only several meters of cable, many systems require the transmission distance between a serializer and a deserializer to be tens and even hundreds of meters. This application report introduces the DS15BA101 and DS15EA101, a cable extender chipset, which can enable long reach applications for SER/DES devices. It also lists Texas Instruments SER/DES that can benefit from the chipset, discusses distance limitations of the SER/DES and the distance gains that can be realized with the aid of the chipset in applications utilizing both single-ended and differential interconnects.