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FFT Implementation on the TMS320VC5505, TMS320C5505, and TMS320C5515 DSPs (Rev. B)


The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is an efficient means for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). It is one of the most widely used computational elements in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. This DSP is ideally suited for such applications. They include an FFT hardware accelerator (HWAFFT) that is tightly coupled with the CPU, allowing high FFT processing performance at very low power. This application report describes FFT computation on the DSP and covers the following topics:

  • Basics of DFT and FFT
  • DSP Overview Including the FFT Accelerator
  • HWAFFT Description
  • HWAFFT Software Interface
  • Simple Example to Illustrate the Use of the FFT Accelerator
  • FFT Benchmarks
  • Description of Open Source FFT Example Software
  • Computation of Large (Greater Than 1024-point) FFTs