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TLV320AIC32x4 Sleep and Standby Modes (Rev. B)

The TLV320AIC3204 and TLV320AIC3254 audio converters can be configured for very low power operation during standby and sleep modes. This report includes several sample scripts and shows how to use these devices in these modes.

Optimizing Signal Chain Noise on PCM186x Devices

PCM186x devices have a flexible input front end that can handle very low-level, single-ended, pseudo-differential and higher voltage differential inputs in order to optimize the signal chain to avoid increased noise floor.

TLV320AIC31xx and TLV320DAC31xx Power Consumption Characterization (Rev. B)

TLV audio converter devices have low power consumption which can be tuned to maximize performance. This application report provides a detailed description with scripts for setting up the TLV devices for minimum power consumption.

Clock System Design for Digital Audio Application Based on DIR9001, PCM3070

Digital audio is widely used in soundbars, smart TVs, home theaters and more. Clock design is key for system reliability and performance. This application note shows clock system design techniques for these types of applications.

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Application notes

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HiFi Audio Circuit Design Read Abstract PDF 8 23 Aug 2017 943
Common Noise Issues in Audio Codecs Read Abstract PDF 8 21 Jul 2017 826
Sitara Linux ALSA DSP Microphone Array Voice Recognition Read Abstract PDF 8 30 Jun 2017 867

Selection guides

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IP Camera Product Selection Guide (Rev. A) PDF 3429 28 Oct 2013 2325
TI HealthTech Health Guide (Rev. A) PDF 4838 02 May 2013 973

Solution guides

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2016 Automotive Infotainment Guide (Rev. D) PDF 1248 01 Jun 2016 10906
Audio Accessory Designs From Start to Finish eBook PDF 2411 20 Jun 2014 465
TI Smartphone Solutions Guide (Rev. A) PDF 903 16 Dec 2013 1100

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