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Featured Evaluation Modules

TLV320AIC3254 Low-Power Stereo CODEC with Programmable miniDSP Evaluation Module

The TLV320AIC3254 EVM provides complete evaluation of the TLV320AIC3254 audio CODEC. Also included in the kit is a USB-based motherboard and software that allows easy evaluation and control of the device Software is supported through PurePath™ Studio.

PCM5242 4.2-VRMS DirectPath™ 114-dB Audio Stereo Differential-Output DAC EVM

The PCM5242 EVM evaluates the PCM5242 audio DAC for use with a personal computer running the Microsoft Windows™ operating system. This EVM can be used in conjunction with PurePath™ Studio to take advantage of the fixed-function processing and mini-DSP processing capabilities of the PCM5242.

TLV320AIC3204 Low-Power Stereo Audio CODEC with Power Tune™ Technology EVM

The TLV320AIC3204 EVM evaluates the TLV320AIC3204 low-power, low-voltage stereo audio codec. For easy evaluation, the kit also includes a USB connection for power, control and streaming audio data.

TLV320DAC3100 Low-Power Stereo DAC with Mono Class-D Speaker Amplifier EVM

The TLV320DAC3100 EVM provides complete evaluation of the TLV320DAC3100 audio CODEC. This EVM connects to a USB port of a PC to provide power, control, and streaming audio data for advanced operation.

TLV320DAC3203 Ultra Low-Power Stereo CODEC with Integrated Headphone Amp EVM

The TLV320DAC3203 EVM evaluates the TLV320DAC3203 audio DAC. The kit includes the EVM, a USB-based motherboard and software designed to make learning the device easy.

PCM1865 110 dB 4-Ch S/W Controlled Audio ADC with Universal Front End EVM

The PCM1865 EVM provides full evaluation of the 4-Ch PCM1865 ADC. The included USB-12X board connects the EVM to the PC and provides 5V power. The EVM is controlled by PurePath™ Console which gives fthe ability to load, run and save scripts.

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Featured TI Designs

Speech Recognition on the C5535 eZdsp™ Reference Design

This reference design features the TLV320AIC3204 stereo audio CODEC and highlights the voice recognition capabilities of the C5535 and C5545 DSP devices.

Value Sound Bar Reference Design

This reference design features the PCM3070 stereo audio CODEC. This is a value sound bar reference design kit for stereo or 2.1 applications and can easily be reapplied for PC speakers or MP3 docks.

High Fidelity 175W Class-D Audio Amplifier Reference Design

This reference design features the highly versatile PCM5242 4.2-VRMS, 114-dB audio differential output stereo DAC. With the miniDSP on the PCM5242, audio processing and filtering can be added to further enhance audio performance in the end equipment.

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Featured Developmental Tools

PurePath™ Studio Graphical Development Environment

Purepath™ Studio is a development suite designed specifically for audio parts with miniDSP/audio processing capabilities. With this easy to use tool, integrated audio processing algorithms can easily be accessed, combined, and tested during the development process. For PCMxxx parts 

PurePath™ Console Graphical Development Suite

PurePath™ Console is a development suite used with various evaluation modules designed to control and simplify the evaluation, configuration, and debug process while developing audio systems. For PCM51xx evaluation modules, see PurePath™ Console 1.16. For PCM186x, PCM5242,