Low-Power Audio Amplifiers (<10W) – Tools & software

Featured Evaluation Modules

TAS2555 5.7W Class-D Audio Amplifier Evaluation Module

The TAS2555 EVM provides complete evaluation of the TAS2555 audio amplifier. The board can be controlled by TI’s PurePath™ Console 3 software to further fine-tune the solution to your liking.

TAS2505 Digital-In Class-D Amplifier with Audio Processing Evaluation Module

The TAS2505EVM evaluates the TAS2505 low-power digital input speaker amplifier with support for 24-bit digital I2S data mono playback. In addition to driving a speaker amplifier up to 4-Ω, the device also features a mono headphone driver and a programmable digital-signal processing block.

TPA6133 138mW DirectPath Headphone Amplifier with GPIO Control Evaluation Module

The TPA6133A2 EVM evaluates the TPA6133A2 DirectPath™ stereo headphone amplifier capable of delivering 138 mW/Ch into 16Ω and requires no output DC blocking capacitors.

Featured TI Designs

High Fidelity Headphone Playback Reference Design for Portable Applications

High fidelity headphones is a growing trend for portable audio playback. This TI Design features the TPA6120A2 high fidelity stereo headphone amplifier in conjunction with the PCM5242 audio DAC.

Bluetooth and MSP430 Audio Sink Reference Design

This TI Design features the TAS2505 digital input Class-D speaker amp with audio processing and can be used for a variety of applications for low-end, low-power audio solutions.

Automotive Cluster Chime Reference Design

This TI Design is features TPA6211A1-Q1, a 3.1W mono fully differential audio power amplifier that drives a chime and is one part of an automotive cluster system solution optimized for the mid-end cluster market.

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Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Application for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad

This TI Design features the TPA2012D2, 2.1W stereo Class-D audio amplifier with gain select and brings Wi-Fi audio streaming capability to new and existing applications like HD digital speakers.

Status Indication Reference Design with LED and Audio Feedback

This TI Design functionality emulates status indication subsystems in various end equipments. By putting multiple LED drivers in parallel, an array of RGB LEDs can be synchronized to blink, pulse, and breathe - enhancing customer experience. Audio feedback is integrated with TPA3211A1.

Audio Communication with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Reference Design

This TI Design features the LM4819, 350-mW audio amplifier with shutdown mode and has less than 500-mW power consumption for the MCU, LCD and audio subsystem.

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Featured Development Tools

PurePath™ Console Graphical Development Suite

PurePath™ Console (PPC) is a highly integrated and easy-to-use audio development suite designed specifically to simplify the evaluation, configuration and debug process associated with the development of audio products. PPC’s intuitive graphical interface makes audio design very straightforward; minimizing the need for advanced audio engineering expertise. Optimized audio performance, minimal power consumption and seamless system integration are possible with advanced control features implemented in a graphical interface targeted at reducing product development time.