Mid-Power Audio Amplifiers (10-50W) – Tools & software

Featured TI Designs

Value Soundbar Reference Design Kit for Stereo or 2.1 Applications

Complete reference design including programming hardware, with an average time to production of 8 weeks. The cost of build for this design kit is 30% less than discrete solutions available.

Automotive 4-Channel Class-D Amplifier Reference Design for Head Unit

A Class-D amplifier solution that allows evaluation in the form factor of Class-AB amplifiers. This design optimizes thermals and minimizes switching noise, while highlighting the audio amplifier and circuitry in the baseboard.

Automotive Emergency Call (eCall) Audio Subsystem Reference Design

An automotive eCall solution that demonstrates and evaluates how well TI parts meet the efficiency and diagnostics necessary for automotive applications. This design shows how unique requirements are met for the audio subsystem, such as speaker diagnostics and low power consumption.

TPA3128D2 2x30-W Class-D Amplifier with Low Idle Power Dissipation EVM

The TPA3128D2 evaluation module allows for complete evaluation of the TPA3128D2 Class-D audio power amplifier. This device has low idle power loss and helps to extend the battery life of Bluetooth®/wireless speakers and other battery powered audio systems.

TPA3136D2 Inductor Free 10W Stereo (BTL) Class-D Audio Amp Evaluation Module

The TPA3136D2 EVM is a Class-D audio power amplifier for driving 2 bridged tied loads at 10W per channel. The EVM operates on a single power supply from 4.5W to 14.4V and features a 26-dB fixed gain.

TAS5754M Digital I2S Input, Closed-Loop Audio Class-D Amplifier EVM

This EVM features 2 TAS5754M I2S input, closed-loop amplifiers, one for a 2-ch operation and the other for a mono operation. The TAS5754MEVM can operate from a 4.5V to 26.4V power supply.

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TAS5411-Q1 8-W Automotive Mono Analog Input Class-D Audio Amp Evaluation Module

The TAS5411-Q1 EVM showcases a 1-ch, analog input, Class-D audio solution which features diagnostics and protection for automotive applications. The supply voltage ranges from 4.5V to 18V.

Automotive 4-Channel Class-D Amplifier Reference Design for Head Unit

The TAS5766M EVM evaluates smart closed-loop amplifiers with an I2S input, with power supply voltages ranging from 4.5V to 26.4V. When combined with PurePath™ software, you have a complete audio evaluation system.

TAS5733L Digital Input, Open-Loop Class-D Stereo Audio Amplifier EVM

The TAS5733L EVM allows evaluation of the TAS5733L, I2S-input, open loop amp. This EVM is populated with two TAS5733L devices, one for 2-Ch operations and one for mono operation. This operates from a single 8V to 16.5V supply.

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Studio Graphical Development Environment

PurePath™ Studio Graphical Development Environment

PurePath™ Studio Graphical Development Environment is a powerful, easy-to-use tool designed specifically to simplify software development for Audio products with a miniDSP/ Audio Processing capability. PurePath Console, PurePath Console 2, and PurePath Console 3 are available to simply the evaluation and configuration and debug process associated with the development of a range of audio products.