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PCIe Gen4 Support Ultra-Low Power Clock Generator With Four Programmable Outputs and EEPROM


10 MHz - 19 GHz Wideband RF Synthesizer with Phase Synchronization and JESD204B support


Ultra Low-Noise and Low Power JESD204B Compliant Clock Jitter Cleaner With Dual PLLs

  • LMK61E2 - Ultra-Low Jitter Fully Programmable Oscillator, Integrated EEPROM, +/-50ppm
  • LMK03328 - Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generator Family With Two Independent PLLs
  • LMX2571 - LMX2571 Low Power Synthesizer with FSK Modulation
  • CDCM6208 - 2:8 Ultra Low Power, Low Jitter Clock Generator
  • LMK00334/LMK00338 - Ultra-low additive jitter PCIe 3.0 compliant HCSL buffers
  • LMK00301 - 3-GHz, 10-Output Differential Fanout Buffer / Level Translator
  • LMX2492 - 500MHz to 14GHz Wideband, Low Noise Fractional N PLL with Ramp/Chirp Generation
  • CDCUN1208LP - Ultra Low Power, 2:8 Fan-out Buffer with Universal Inputs and Outputs
  • CDCLVP1208 - Low Jitter, 2-Input Selectable 1:8 Universal-to-LVPECL Buffer