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Clock & Timing Solutions (Rev. C)

We have a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of clock oscillators, clock generators, clock buffers, clock jitter cleaners, RF PLLs and synthesizers.

Clock & Timing Applications (Rev. B)

Our clock and timing solutions address a wide range of applications including: wired communications, wireless communications industrial, automotive, consumer and computing.

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Application notes

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Q3 2009 Issue Analog Applications Journal Multiple Files 2067 24 Sep 2018
Clocking for Medical Ultrasound Systems PDF 1817 20 Sep 2017
High Speed Layout Guidelines (Rev. A) PDF 762 08 Aug 2017

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TI Components for Aerospace and Defense Guide (Rev. E) PDF 9699 22 Mar 2017
Clock & Timing Solutions (Rev. C) PDF 3214 19 Jan 2017
Clock & Timing Applications (Rev. B) PDF 547 21 Dec 2015