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Clock & Timing Solutions (Rev. C)

Learn more about our comprehensive and flexible portfolio of clock oscillators, clock generators, clock buffers, clock jitter cleaners, RF PLLs and RF synthesizers.

Clock & Timing Applications (Rev. B)

Our clock and timing solutions address a wide range of applications including: wired communications, wireless communications, industrial, automotive, consumer and computing.

PLL and RF Synthesizer Solutions (Rev. C)

Our RF PLLs and synthesizers deliver leading-edge performance in industrial, communications and automotive systems.

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Selection guides

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TI Space Products (Rev. G) PDF 5596 15 May 2019
PLL and RF Synthesizer Solutions (Rev. C) PDF 5321 02 May 2017
Broadcast and Professional Video Interface Solutions (Rev. E) PDF 3724 05 Apr 2017

Radiation & Reliability reports

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CDCLVP111-SP Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Radiation Report PDF 237 23 Mar 2017
Single-Event Effects Test Report for CDCLVP111-SP 1:10 LVPECL Clock Distributor PDF 925 30 Jan 2017
CDCVF2310MPWEP Relability Report PDF 182 09 Feb 2016