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   TI & Burr-Brown Join Forces

On June 21st a merger agreement between Burr-Brown and Texas Instruments was revealed. On August 24, 2000 the two companies officially joined, creating the industry's strongest portfolio of data converters, amplifiers, power management and interface products for high-performance and low-power applications.

At TI, we recognize Burr-Brown's leadership in the amplifier and data converter arenas and the importance of maintaining Burr-Brown's identity and capabilities after the merger. Burr-Brown's products, design creativity and technical support network will continue as a growing part of Texas Instruments. The technical resources and manufacturing strengths of Texas Instruments will complement Burr-Brown's competencies.

To learn more about our strategic direction join us Wednesday, November 1, 2000 for the TI/Burr-Brown Webcast. To register for the webcast visit http://www.ti.com/sc/ti-bbwebcast.

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