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“An inclusive environment is essential at TI. It enables our global workforce to contribute openly and without barriers. In this environment diversity thrives and every employee, no matter where they are and what job they hold, has the opportunity to take part in the company's business success.”

-Rich Templeton, President and CEO

Texas Instruments is in the business of changing the world through technology, and our people are as diverse and unique as the 100,000 customers they serve and the 100,000 products we produce. Great technology and innovation knows no race, color, gender or sexual orientation. In order to be on the leading edge of technology and innovation, in order for the best and brightest to come work for us, TI must have a diverse workforce and inclusive environment in the more than 35 countries where TI manufactures, designs and sells its products.

Other companies can say they value diversity and inclusion. At TI, it is our life blood. Without outside knowledge and unique perspectives, without varied backgrounds and life experiences, TI doesn’t succeed in its goal of changing the world through technology. That’s why diversity and inclusion are more than just words – they are who we are.

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