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Back to table of contents Community Executive statement Report overview Business practices Employees Products Environment Supply chain Community - Overview - Giving - Education - Volunteerism Performance summary GRI index Notice Arts and culture Education We value the enrichment and enhanced quality of life provid- ed by arts and cultural organizations. Our support of the arts in the North Texas region, near our corporate headquarters in Dallas, stretches back to our founders. Their legacy con- tinues through our contributions to cornerstone and premier arts organizations. The TI Foundation also provides support to broader U.S. arts and culture organizations through a matching gifts program. Our top philanthropic priority is to support education, which fosters the growth of individuals, companies and economies and creates an ecosystem where innovation can thrive. TI’s educa- tion objectives focus on improving science, technology, engi- neering and math (STEM) in the U.S. and access to education around the world. Over the past five years, TI has invested more than $150 million in kindergarten through higher education. TI and the TI Foundation made combined grants of $2.2 mil- lion to arts and cultural organizations in 2015, including almost $500,000 from the TI Foundation in matching gifts to nonprofit arts groups. TI Foundation grants helped with general operating support, while TI corporate funding went to sponsorships for performing arts groups, exhibitions, etc. Sponsorships provide an additional benefit to TI employees and retirees by allowing them to experience select events in Dallas’ rich arts community. Looking ahead In 2016, our goals are to: • Continue focusing STEM grants on underrepresented populations. • Improve how we measure the impact of education- related grants. • Identify more employee volunteer opportunities to increase grant effectiveness, particularly in STEM education. 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report In 2015, TIers worked to provide the best STEM learning ex- periences to K-16 students. Our integrated approach included making philanthropic contributions, collaborating with educa- tors and nonprofits, partnering with outside organizations, en- gaging employees, and providing students with learning tools. Contributions In 2015, we invested $36.1 million in primary/secondary edu- cation initiatives, higher education, innovative education tech- nology and teaching resources that benefited the communities where we operate. This included $19.4 million in philanthropic contributions. We believe that diversity fuels innovation. That’s why we continued to focus our STEM grants to benefit underrepresent- ed populations, including women and minorities. As a result, 74 percent of TI and TI Foundation education grants were STEM-focused; of those, 78 percent were focused on under- represented populations, meeting our goal for the year. 71