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At TI, we are numbers-oriented and data-driven. We strive every year to provide more information about our social and environmental performance, but also in a way that's meaningful to those who review it.

Of course, numbers don't always tell the full story. In this section, you'll find the human side of our report – anecdotal evidence of our performance – through true stories about employees, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Product stewardship

Improving health
TI technology is helping improve health care in unexpected ways.

TI's calculator turns 40
A brief history of how TI's calculator changed the way people learn math.

Smart motors, big impact
TI technology is driving "smart" motors, increasing performance and efficiency.


Commuting smarter
TI France's grassroots commuting program benefits employees and the environment.

Saving through efficiency
Building efficiency goals prompt savings and reduced environmental impact.


University partnerships spur growth
Partnerships with global universities are helping spur innovation and business growth.

Empowering girls
Company-sponsored physics camps are helping girls excel in science and engineering.

Alleviating poverty
TI Philippines employees help break the cycle of poverty in their community.

Employee well-being

Family-friendly work
Award-winning family-friendly policies are helping attract and retain employees.

Seeking women engineers
TI's personal and comprehensive approach to achieving gender equity in engineering.

Attracting global talent       
TI looks to Africa to grow and attract talent.


Advocating innovation
TI urges U.S. lawmakers to support innovation.

Take a look at TI's social and environmental performance in 2007