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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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2012 performance

Looking ahead

TI continued to educate and engage U.S. policymakers on critical issues and deepened and forged new relationships with key government officials in Maine, California and Scotland following the late 2011 acquisition of National Semiconductor. We conveyed information about policies and legislation that would benefit our company, our stakeholders and communities, and society as a whole.

We advanced initiatives that promote innovation, improve science and engineering infrastructures, extend key tax provisions, reduce trade barriers, and accelerate the deployment of energy-efficient and clean energy technologies, as well as other technologies related to growth.

Some specific efforts included the extension of the R&D tax credit, multilateral agreement on multicomponent devices, updated Wassenaar Arrangement export controls related to encryption, support for research initiatives, advancing immigration reform for U.S. STEM graduates, and advancing clean and energy-efficient policies in various regions around the world. We also made progress in environmental and workforce policies.

Additionally, we again provided annual training for relevant employees on their responsibilities under the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, the Lobby Disclosure Act, the Federal Election Campaign Act, and under relevant state laws in Texas, California and Maine. This training is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that lobbying activity and funding are accounted for year-round and properly disclosed.

Looking ahead

In 2013, TI will continue to develop and enhance relationships with policymakers throughout the world, particularly where the company has locations. When possible and appropriate, we will work to inform select candidates seeking election to office about policies that drive growth in high technology.

We will continue to work with the U.S. government, as well as governments and other stakeholders in key regions of the world, to support TI growth, ensure a fair and competitive playing field for our products, and advance our reputation as a good partner and ethical supplier. For a full description of our 2013 policy priorities, click here.

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