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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Global education support

University partnerships | China | Scotland | Malaysia | India

Throughout the world in regions where we operate, we invest in education programming that prepares students to innovate.

For more information on our university education programs, click here.

University partnerships

TI' Worldwide University Program provides university educators, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students with the latest analog and embedded processing hardware and software to inspire innovation and help them effectively demonstrate the potential of their ideas.

In more than 4,000 labs at hundreds of universities worldwide, we are reaching more than 250,000 undergraduate and graduate students. We provide in-kind or discounted technology, teaching materials/textbooks, development tools, and equipment and training.

Our contributions drive the development of innovative breakthrough products and enable the next generation of engineering students to graduate with even more industry-relevant skills by working on the same development platforms our customers use today.


Since 1996, TI has expanded educational investments in China. Our support has primarily included university curriculum development, the establishment of joint laboratories, scientific research partnerships, the development of information technology solutions, and improving access to K-12 education in rural areas.


The TI Community Fund finances STEM education programs in Greenock, Scotland, where we have manufacturing facilities. Our three-year grant is providing hands-on science and math education to middle school students.


The TI Community Fund and its education partners also support STEM education programs in Melaka, Malaysia. Our four-year grant is providing university scholarships and internships to low-income students who are pursuing degrees in science and engineering.


The Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz, started in 2003 in Bangalore, India, is an extension of TI India' commitment to identify and promote the best scientific talent in the country. This event provides a unique platform for high school students to test their skills of inquiry and quick thinking.