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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Student effectiveness

AP Incentive Program | TI MathForward™ | TI Power of STEM | Educate Texas | Plano ISD Academy High School | Robotics competitions

In the U.S., TI works to grow student interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and encourage their pursuit of technology-related degrees and careers. U.S. students recently finished 25th in math and 17th in science in the world compared to 31 other countries. Moreover, the World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. as 48th in quality of math and science education.

We support numerous programs that we believe benefit the most students or have a track record of shifting student attitudes and achievements in STEM disciplines. Previously, we pioneered some of these programs on our own. Today, we collaborate with established organizations that can affect greater progress. For more information on our programs that promote student engagement in STEM, click here.

Some of our primary initiatives include:

AP Incentive Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Incentive Program encourages students to take more rigorous, college-level coursework in high school. The TI Foundation funds incentives for both teachers and students in the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) and Mesquite ISD in Texas because the program prepares students for college and career success. It also motivates teachers to teach the more rigorous AP classes. More than 42,000 students in the AP Incentive Program have benefited from monetary incentives through TI Foundation support.

TI MathForward™

Started in 2005 at a junior high school in the Richardson, Texas, ISD, MathForward combines instruction, professional development, curriculum integration and classroom technology to help middle and high school students build confidence and achievement in math. Implemented in more than 58 school districts and organizations across 16 states, this program has grown to help thousands of middle and high school students.

TI Power of STEM

The TI Community Fund awarded $1 million in Power of STEM Education grants to increase teacher effectiveness and build student interest in STEM in California, Maine, Scotland and Malaysia.

Educate Texas

In 2012, the TI Foundation committed to giving as much as $4.8 million over the next four years to Educate Texas, a public/private initiative of the Communities Foundation of Texas. Educate Texas has partnered with the Lancaster ISD (LISD) to improve STEM education in all of its schools.

This districtwide transformational initiative is expected to lead to statewide STEM education changes. Educate Texas is creating a "STEM district" model that uses proven best practices to transform the way STEM subjects are taught by nearly 400 teachers and learned by more than 6,200 students. Once replicated, the new model will help:
  • Prepare Texas students for post-secondary and workforce success.
  • Create a stronger, highly skilled, internationally competitive workforce for North Texas.
  • Ensure rigorous and high-quality curricula and college-ready instruction in math, science, technology and design.
Grant funds also will help the LISD build out STEM teaching talent in the classroom, and partner with local higher education, business/industry and economic development institutions to coordinate local and regional assets, efforts and resources.

To date, Educate Texas has:
  • Given more than 2,300 hours of professional development to more than 70 middle school teachers, and 1,475 hours of development to 45 high school teachers.
  • Provided about 6,500 hours of technology integration training to all LISD teachers and 45 administrators.
  • Allowed students to participate in college and career-readiness activities.

Plano ISD Academy High School

The new Plano Independent School District (PISD) Academy High School combines a STEM curriculum with the digital arts. It will help prepare a future workforce for technology and design companies in North Texas and around the globe. TI committed $5 million in 2012 to the school, which will open in August 2013.

In addition to financial support, we will:
  • Engage with superintendents and teachers on curriculum design.
  • Train teachers on our Education Technology products and solicit their feedback on new innovations.
  • Provide DLP® 3-D-ready projectors that deliver a visually immersive environment for advanced learning.
  • Volunteer to mentor students.

Robotics competitions

Robotics competitions have been shown to be effective in helping students see and apply engineering skills and get excited about the field, which leads them to consider related careers.

We primarily support two robotics competitions:
  • Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology (BEST) – Founded by TI employees in 1993, BEST helps U.S. students unlock their imagination and discover their potential. The program reaches more than 16,500 students across 17 states. Our current sponsorship helps reach 11,000 students in the Texas/New Mexico region annually.
  • For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) – This multinational contest brings teams of professionals and high school students together to solve an engineering design problem. A FIRST sponsor since 2008, we donate microcontrollers and other devices that come in a robotics kit for their designs. Several employees donate an average of 150 to 200 hours annually to mentor participants.