Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Leaders | Neighbors | Educators

Our community engagement activities are extensive in Texas, where the largest concentrations of our operations are located. Globally, we design community outreach programs to meet the unique needs of those locations.


We consult with civic leaders to develop and implement programs that promote education and health and human services. We often work at the grassroots level, partnering with local leaders and service agencies to identify gaps and create solutions to ensure that community members receive the education and care they need.

We also stay connected with community leaders and local government officials through our quarterly Citizenship Update e-newsletter, which provides local communities a way to connect with our company and acts as a vehicle for sharing neighborhood success stories.


Our employees and retirees around the world regularly volunteer their time and professional expertise to serve community organizations and support local programs to enhance neighborhoods. We share common concerns with our adjacent communities globally, including quality of life and the safety of our operations.

Through our regular presence in community activities, philanthropic support, and personal and electronic feedback mechanisms, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our neighbors.


We collaborate with many stakeholders and community organizations to help improve the quality of education in communities near our sites around the world. Outreach includes an e-newsletter, the Around TI blog, our social media sites and through our Education Technology business.

We continually engage with educators at the K-12 and university levels as part of our strategy to increase student participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curricula, as well as STEM teaching expertise and technological research. Examples of this engagement follow.

K-12 University
  • Engage students to promote career opportunities with TI.
  • Forge relationships through our Worldwide University Program, which is designed to provide university educators, researchers, and undergraduate and graduate students the latest analog and embedded processing hardware and software to inspire innovation and help them effectively demonstrate the potential of their ideas.
  • Sponsor global design contests that enable us to directly engage with young and creative engineers and identify future talent.
Education Technology
  • Provide free weekly STEM education webinars for educators, and thousands of classroom-ready math and science activities for students.
  • Offer free access to thousands of math and science courses from middle school through college.
  • Provide significant professional development resources and math and science content for educators through our Education Technology programs, conferences and tools.
  • Offer periodic opportunities for educators to provide feedback on new and existing education-related business products and services.
  • Produce the annual Teachers Teaching with Technology International Conference to further STEM curricula, and to help educators and administrators learn new ways to improve math and science teaching and learning through the appropriate use of technology.
  • Support educators by providing access to STEM education technology through TI's Technology Rewards (where they can earn points toward TI products and services through calculator purchases) and Workshop Loan programs (where educators can borrow TI equipment at no cost for use in workshops or conferences focused on training teachers to integrate technology into the classroom).
For our own employees, we reinforce the value of higher education and showcase various STEM programs and careers with numerous activities and events.