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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Expert advisory panel | Additional customer market research | Technical conferences | E2E Community | Quality assessments and assurance

To drive ongoing improvement of our products and services and to provide top-notch customer support, we maintain ongoing communications with customers. We regularly consult with them to identify production needs and standards, understand long-term innovation requirements, and maintain satisfaction with both our technology and customer service. Using this feedback, we can refine our programs to better meet their needs.

Expert advisory panel

TI created and continues to maintain the first online customer expert advisory panel in the semiconductor industry, which is designed to help the company deliver products targeted to meet customers' needs. We gather customers' insights on our products and design tools, quality of technical support, level of innovation, and product enhancements we should make in the future. This type of engagement uses online surveys, offered in 14 languages, to reach customers across all product groups and all regions.

We target customers depending on what we hope to learn through their profiles and preferences, and we typically see response rates above 40 percent among the nearly 5,000 panel members. We share our findings with panelists to keep them apprised of our mutual topics of interest.

Additional customer market research

TI conducts a regular omnibus study of electrical engineers called Voice of the Engineer. Offered in 11 languages, the survey solicits a global perspective about how we are performing among our competition across a variety of company, product, sales and support attributes. This helps us understand the changing needs of the marketplace. We also conduct customized research projects to provide additional insights into the unmet needs of customers and give direct customer feedback to internal stakeholders.

Technical conferences

To connect with customers currently using or planning to use our products, we conduct in-person and online training globally. Customers can hear in-depth insights from our experts, receive hands-on training, and receive samples and tools to help solve their technical design challenges and accelerate their time to market.

E2E Community

One of the more unique ways we engage and support customers is through the engineer-to-engineer (E2E) Community. This online community leverages social media to connect design engineers with TI product/customer support.

Quality assessments and assurance

To keep our pulse on the manufacturing side of our customer base, our Quality organization maintains customer scorecards that incorporate a variety of feedback, from ease of product use, to manufacturing defects, to responsiveness in meeting their needs. We use this feedback to continuously improve our products and services and better meet customer expectations.

We work hard to assure product quality and maintain clear and open communications with appropriate stakeholders. We provide customers with standard terms and conditions of sale, containing product warranty information. More detailed information about warranty returns, including the returned material authorization process, is available from TI or its authorized distributors.

Our semiconductor products are predominantly sold to component distributors, subsystem manufacturers or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which incorporate them into subsystems or end products. OEMs are responsible for assuring that their end products are safe and functioning properly.

If we become aware of serious quality problems with a TI component, our Quality organization analyzes the matter and develops an action plan, including a communications plan suitable for the particular circumstances.

Where appropriate, we urge customers (and, when traceable records are available, OEMs who received our components through intermediaries) to assess risks that might arise in OEM products due to questionable components. We also invite them to return components for testing, refund and/or replacement.