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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Strategy and principles | Citizenship strategy team

Corporate citizenship is TI's commitment to be accountable for its social, environmental and economic impact around the world. We set high standards for our global operations and are focused on ethical business practices and compliance, both inside the company and throughout our supply chain.

Strategy and principles

Our commitment to corporate citizenship encompasses six key areas:

  • Product stewardship.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Employee well-being.
  • Community commitment.
  • Responsible advocacy.
  • Corporate governance.

Our citizenship principles serve as a reference point for both educating employees and driving improved performance.

Citizenship Strategy team

TI's Citizenship Strategy team is a cross-functional group of company leaders representing all facets of the company. The team meets monthly to:

  • Provide direction for the strategy, execution and reporting of our corporate citizenship initiatives.
  • Discuss and address operational challenges, and establish plans and targets for improvement.
  • Discuss and address stakeholder questions related to social and environmental performance.
  • Help our business units and offices more effectively engage in issues important to many of our stakeholders.
  • Evolve our internal culture in regards to sustainability.

The team is also responsible for reviewing and updating our citizenship principles to meet changing business and community needs.