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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Ethics | Compliance

TI has mechanisms in place to reinforce our expectations for business practices and behavior, including strong disciplinary action, in the event of legal, regulatory or ethical violations.


TI's CEO and senior finance officers must adhere to an code of ethics. This code focuses on acting with honor and integrity and promoting full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in our public communications.

We expect our global workforce to report unethical or unlawful behavior by:
  • Taking direct action. If employees consider an action or see an action that raises ethical concerns (easily identified using our Ethics Quick Test), they should address the issue right away. Often, merely highlighting and discussing the issue will result in actions that achieve the desired outcome.
  • Consulting a supervisor. Supervisors know employee assignments and circumstances better than anyone else, and can often find answers and solutions.
  • Talking with Human Resources. If employees do not feel comfortable communicating with supervisors or local managers, they can contact their site's human resources department at any time.
  • Calling the TI Law department. For questions regarding contracts, pricing practices or anything with a legal orientation, the TI Law department can help provide answers. Attorneys assist each business unit and specialize in the areas of law that TI most frequently encounters.
  • Going online. Specific information, including where to go for help, is available online, including the TI Values and Ethics website on the company's intranet.
If employees need help understanding TI's expectations, have questions, or need to express concerns, they can anonymously contact our Ethics Office. Created in 1987, this office is designed to:
  • Ensure that business policies and practices stay aligned with our ethical principles.
  • Clearly communicate ethical expectations.
  • Provide multiple channels for feedback through which people can ask questions, voice concerns, and seek resolution to ethical issues.
Typically, our Ethics Office receives inquiries related to:
  • Employee relations.
  • Resolving procurement matters with suppliers.
  • Adapting business practices to new technologies.
  • Interpreting policies.
We investigate all reported issues, take appropriate action, and notify key authorities.

TI also maintains an accounting and audit hotline, through which investors, employees and others can notify the board's Audit Committee of suspected accounting or audit problems, or other concerns.

TI Ethics Office
Telephone worldwide: 214-567-6600
U.S. and Canada toll-free: 800-33-ETHICS

Internal TI address: Mail Station 3961
External address: P.O. Box 830801, Richardson, TX 75083-0801, USA
Email: ethics@ti.com


Our leadership is held accountable for compliance across the company. Our general counsel, who also serves as TI's chief compliance officer, provides an annual report on the implementation and effectiveness of TI's Ethics and Compliance Program to the board's Audit Committee. Our Ethics Office also notifies the Audit Committee each quarter about misconduct issues. If a serious issue occurs between board meetings, the chief compliance officer or the Ethics Office would promptly notify the Audit Committee chair.