Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Guiding principles

Values and Ethics of TI | Standards and expectations | Voluntary standards

We view our ability to operate ethically and lawfully as an asset – as vital as the technologies we develop and bring to the marketplace. Our leaders established this foundation for corporate moral character more than 80 years ago, holding themselves to the highest standards and demanding the same of others. It is a value that is still driven by our chairman and CEO today, who reinforces the importance of an ethical workplace.

Values and Ethics of TI

Our “Values and Ethics of TI” booklet clearly states the importance of the highest ethical business behavior and sets forth the expectations we have for our employees and directors. Published in 1961, we revise the booklet as needed in response to expanding world markets, marketplace complexities, changing government regulations, and business growth and modifications. The booklet is currently in its 10th edition, is printed in nine languages, and is available to every employee and on our website.

Standards and expectations

An effective ethics and compliance program helps prevent lapses that can result in delays, increased costs, penalties, and diversion of management time from our focus on growth and other business priorities. Illegal conduct can also seriously harm our reputation, a precious resource essential to achieving our business objectives.

For these reasons, we require all employees to adhere to our code of business conduct and to follow our guidelines for conducting business appropriately — from policies on procurement and expense reporting to accepting gifts and handling conflicts of interest.

Our open-door policy gives every employee access to alternative and higher levels of management. We forbid retribution or retaliation against anyone who makes an inquiry or report in good faith – and we prohibit discrimination or harassment in any work setting.

Additionally, TI’s business practices statement, is firmly and credibly supported by our executive officers, and sets clear expectations for behavior to ensure safe, ethical and responsible operations. We also expect suppliers to adhere to our ethical values so that we can influence responsible and fair business practices throughout our supply chain.

Voluntary standards

While a variety of industry and international standards bodies exist to drive improved environmental, social and governance performance for corporations and other organizations, TI currently subscribes to few. We are very much in favor of companies operating responsibly, but do not advocate one exclusive set of standards over another.

We believe our operations, rooted in ethics, and our history of innovation and integrity cover the same broad concerns addressed by these evolving codes. Our practices are guided by our own governance documents, which apply to all sites worldwide and evolve based on changing business needs.

The primary external citizenship standards we do embrace include:
  • The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Green Building Rating System to design and operate efficient and low-impact manufacturing facilities.
  • The Global Reporting Initiative's reporting framework to measure and report our sustainability progress.
  • The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), which has a specific code of conduct to ensure worker safety and fairness, environmental responsibility, and business efficiency in the electronics industry. For more information, see our public announcement and letter of support.