Texas Instruments

2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Specific focus areas

Ensuring compliance | Mitigating bribery and corruption

We focus our attention on key risk areas that TI is likely to confront in the course of our business activities and the markets in which we operate. This allows us to tailor our compliance program to our unique risk profile. Our primary risk areas include:
  • Environmental
  • Import/export
  • Anti-bribery/corruption (the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)
  • Financial reporting
  • Antitrust/competition law
  • Discrimination/harassment
  • Insider trading
  • Medical products
  • Military products
  • Political activity
  • Privacy/data protection
  • Product safety
  • Trade secrets
  • Employee health and safety
  • Tax

Ensuring compliance

TI monitors the internal and supplier landscape to ensure compliance. For example:
  • Every two years, we survey more than 600 top managers and employees who support compliance efforts about compliance areas.
  • We conduct internal audits to assure that working processes are in place, as required by the International Organization for Standardization environmental standard 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services standard 18001.
To help ensure that products like our evaluation modules and development kits comply with applicable product regulatory compliance regulations and customer safety needs, we continued to strengthen our compliance position through a Worldwide Product Regulatory Compliance steering team.

Members provide ongoing technical support and companywide product-compliance leadership in a variety of key disciplines necessary to develop, monitor, sustain and achieve compliance in wireless/electromagnetic compatibility, product safety, environmental and product stewardship.

Finally, with our suppliers, TI performs targeted risk assessments. Our evaluations examine their documented labor and ethics practices and programs, as well as environmental management and social responsibility efforts. For suppliers located in countries identified by Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index as high risk, we subject them to further review, including on-site audits as needed.

Mitigating bribery and corruption

TI operates in some countries where there is a higher risk of corruption, including China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Russia/Eastern Europe. The semiconductor industry, however, is relatively low risk compared to construction, extractive or other industries in which conducting business requires heavy interaction with government officials.