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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Diversity and inclusion initiatives

TI Diversity Network | Insights groups | Supplier diversity | Recruitment and retention

TI Diversity Network

The TI Diversity Network (TIDN) comprises the company's 19 grassroots diversity initiatives designed for women; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people; employees with disabilities; U.S. military veterans and their families; and those hailing from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Each initiative has its own budget, meets on company time, and is open to all employees.

These initiatives offer a forum in which to share ideas, discuss challenges, and develop educational or support programs. They also offer support for members' career development, community involvement, recognition and mentoring opportunities. Companywide, the initiatives help with recruiting activities; the annual Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day; and help grow TI's business by translating product information into various languages, explaining cultural differences in doing business, and assisting with related training.

Additionally, we provide employees of all faiths access to more than a dozen "serenity rooms" at various U.S. sites, which are used for prayer and personal reflection. The rooms are extremely important to our Muslim employee population, and they help in recruiting and retaining talent. In some business units, dedicated diversity teams collaborate with managers on specific challenges and opportunities.

Insights groups

TI Insights groups comprise highly regarded employees who are women and/or of African-American and Hispanic descent. Their purpose is to provide valuable insight about their respective experiences at the company, and to make recommendations on how to advance inclusion and progress.

Our Women's Insights group, for example, has given us a better understanding of concerns specific to women, including how they seek career opportunities and make life choices differently than men. The group has also helped the company rethink the positioning of certain roles to avoid causing women to opt out.

The groups also focus on core business issues, which help bring diverse voices and perspectives to our business direction and strategy.

Supplier diversity

We provide procurement opportunities to certified minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs). We are a recognized leader in developing and fostering businesses owned by minorities and women.

Our objective in MWBE development is to enable such suppliers to qualify and successfully compete for our business. This facilitates growth and creates jobs, thereby strengthening the economy of the communities in which we operate, while we benefit from the high-quality products and services that we procure.

Recruitment and retention

In the U.S., we have a diversity-focused staffing organization and host targeted programs to attract and retain traditionally underrepresented women and minority candidates. Outside the U.S., recruitment programs are unique by country and region based on local needs.