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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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2012 performance

Results | Looking ahead

As we continue to grow, we are faced with both opportunities and challenges to engage our employees. Our introduction of collaborative tools (Infolink, social media) over the past few years presents a new way of working for many, and some have been slow to adopt these tools in their daily use. We will continue monitoring whether our workforce has the best tools for communicating effectively.

While we have made strides in conveying the strategic direction of the company, some employees would like to be better informed about important issues and changes, become more involved in decisions that affect their job or workplace, and feel personally connected to and recognized for their work. We have provided additional materials on both the TI Priorities and Leaders Resource websites, and we launched CEO360° to more effectively reach employees and communicate evolving leadership expectations, priorities and business strategies.

We were successful on a number of important engagement efforts. During the year, we:
  • Effectively communicated leadership insights regarding our business strategy through the launch of CEO360°.
  • Launched and expanded local Infolink portals to encourage employees at sites in Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Asia, India and China to generate their own local content.
  • Began engaging via Google+, which allows us to participate in targeted online conversations through specific hangouts and circles. Google+ is also an effective tool to improve search engine optimization, which will boost awareness of TI in Google searches.
  • Used Facebook and Twitter to aggressively promote engineeringchange, a new initiative to help the company build relationships with and recruit future employees. The program’s new Web portal enables students to apply for internships or jobs, enter engineering design contests, experience a "day in the life" at TI, or learn about innovative research.
  • Helped business units more aggressively blog about their products and activities. Engagement improved through retweets, likes and other redistribution of content.
  • Continued to grow employee engagement through our Around TI blog, with stories of how TI and employees are impacting communities where we operate.
  • Empowered business units to effectively use social media by providing them with quick tips about the types of people, language tone and information found on each channel.
  • Increased YouTube video views thanks to our video communications team’s efforts to drive engagement.
  • Visited numerous U.S. sites to promote Infolink as a collaboration tool, showcase TI in It, and enable employees to experience new products.
  • Strengthened communications training and coaching programs for individual business groups.


In 2012, we:
  • Conducted 25 CEO roundtable discussions and dozens of roundtables among various business units to engage employees about our business strategy.
  • Increased employee views to Infolink by 25 percent.
  • Enabled more than 528 employees to share their insights on a variety of employee communications topics through our employee panel. This included input on the redesign of the my.ti.com and Infolink employee Web portals.

Looking ahead

In 2013, we plan to:
  • Merge two current employee intranet sites into a single employee portal for customizable content, more seamless access to employee tools and enhanced collaboration.
  • Launch a local Infolink portal in Korea.
  • More aggressively build our presence on LinkedIn to assist with recruitment and market products.
  • Continue strengthening our presence and engagement on Google+.