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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Engagement tools

Traditional | Online | Social media | Feedback mechanisms

When it comes to sharing information with employees, senior managers take the lead. They foster a "we're all in this together" mentality and are candid when answering employees' questions. The company also employs a variety of communication, outreach and engagement tools to facilitate open dialogue among our global workforce.


"How We're Doing" executive speaker series
To help employees understand our strategic direction and ask questions of senior business leaders, we host "How We're Doing" sessions that are videotaped and posted on our intranet for global access.

Open exchanges
Chairman, President and CEO Rich Templeton and other leaders meet informally with employees at sites worldwide each quarter. During these open exchanges, employees can ask questions on any topic.

CEO broadcasts
Each quarter, we record Rich Templeton's "state of TI" address for on-demand access. We encourage department leaders to view the video during its initial broadcast with their teams to generate discussion and gather feedback. A fifth broadcast each year discusses the company's priorities.

Business unit meetings
Business-unit leaders hold open meetings and roundtable discussions with employees at least quarterly using WebEx, one of our virtual conferencing tools. They discuss current business successes and challenges, and answer questions.

Rich Templeton typically participates in 25-30 employee roundtable sessions each year, which gives employees an opportunity to ask questions in person and receive candid responses.

Brown bag sessions
Work groups within business units conduct monthly brown-bag updates to share detailed or current information about the business or a particular product.


We have a highly evolved and effective employee communications global network that keeps employees informed about what's happening in the company and how it affects them.

Our news portal, Infolink, provides timely company information. But it also serves as a collaboration tool. The site has nearly 300 social and business communities, known as "rooms," which make it easier for employees to share and view topic-specific information.

CEO 360°
This new tool provides employees access to CEO-level communications and is a single location for all of Rich Templeton's speeches, interviews, presentations, and calendar of travels and special engagements. Employees can also access an informal video series with Templeton highlighting his recent international visits. Employees benefit from his experiences and insights at different sites.

TI Priorities website
Our internal TI Priorities website is a virtual hub where management teams communicate information to employees about business priorities for the year. Every business unit and many of our support organizations have a page where they interpret how these priorities apply to them.

Leaders Resource site
To provide company leaders with fact sheets, information and consistent messaging, we post materials and updates to our internal Leaders Resource website. This allows them to access and use factual information quickly.

TI in It
We promote the fruits of our employees' labor by showcasing consumer electronics that contain TI components. Through articles posted on Infolink and Infolink road shows, TI in It shows how our technology impacts people's lives, thus boosting employee pride. The articles also announce key partnerships with customers and describe how we help solve product design challenges.

Social media

We use social media tools, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to effectively engage with employees and other stakeholders on the Internet. We expect employees and contractors to comply with our social media policy and guidelines. Employees can learn more about navigating social media through our social media tool kit and training program, accessible from our social media portal.

Feedback mechanisms

We created a culture of open communication so that employees have a myriad of ways to engage with senior leaders and managers. We solicit feedback primarily in these ways:
  • Employee Panel. Our employee panel is designed to gather a cross-section of opinions across the globe. Hundreds of employees spend a few minutes each month providing feedback to leaders about their understanding of TI's direction and the effectiveness of leader-led communications. Using this input, communication leaders refine engagement strategies and messaging to better meet employees' needs.
  • Employee communications forum. Another way we assess employees' opinions is to survey communications leaders worldwide. Each quarter, we gather their feedback to help identify employees' key issues, questions and concerns. The communications team also uses this network to disseminate company information faster.
  • Surveys. We routinely post surveys and polls on Infolink to gauge employees' opinions and understanding of our initiatives.