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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Fitness and nutrition

Walking | Weight management | Activity centers | Nutrition | Cafeterias

Weight management and an active lifestyle are key to preventing obesity, which is linked to numerous chronic diseases. We offer programs to help employees make sound nutrition choices, exercise and manage their weight.


Offered at most U.S. sites, a 12-week program called Walk This Way encourages participants to walk at least 10,000 steps (approximately 5 miles) per day through planned workouts and routine activities, such as gardening and shopping. Participants receive a pedometer to log daily steps, and the program includes motivating weekly e-mails and prize drawings.

Weight management

The Your Weigh ... Together weight-management program has been in place for five years at all U.S. locations. The program consists of 10 weekly sessions that address the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. It includes nutrition, physical activity and behavior-change coaching. Participants receive high-tech tools such as BalanceLog software and group support.

Activity centers

TI has on-site fitness facilities at some sites to encourage physical activity. Our fitness facilities offer activities such as:
  • Personal training sessions.
  • Group exercise classes.
  • Athletic leagues and tournaments.
  • Family swimming, lap swimming and swim lessons.
  • Group water exercise classes.
  • Kids' camps during school holidays, focused on increased physical activity, building good eating habits and healthy lifestyle education.
  • Massage therapy.
The facilities offer incentive programs and attendance contests to motivate employees and family members to become and stay fit. Each center is staffed with fitness specialists who can answer questions and help individuals attain their goals.


Employees, retirees and dependents have access to a specialty network of registered dietitians, who are experts in preventive nutrition and medical nutrition therapy. These dietitians provide individualized nutrition counseling to help participants reduce health-risk factors, prevent disease progression and improve quality of life.


Our cafeterias conduct and provide nutritional analysis of healthy items and distribute healthy-eating tip sheets. To build employee awareness of healthy food choices, our Color Matters campaign labels food according to its nutritional value: green indicates good, yellow indicates satisfactory and red indicates poor. Many cafeterias serve hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats. Gluten-free choices are also available by request.