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2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

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Future workforce development

University programs | K-12 programs

As technology becomes more complex, the development of our future workforce remains a critical priority for our company. This drives our commitment to improving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in our communities around the globe.

In the past five years, TI and the TI Foundation have invested nearly $162 million to support education. About 22 percent of these funds have supported K-12 initiatives for students and teachers. Higher education received about 78 percent of these funds, with most of that amount (71 percent) focused on research.

University programs

Through established programs, we support academia and students who are interested in STEM careers. We provide an abundance of tools and resources to help students develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to work effectively to solve customers' real-world problems.

Our university recruiting, research and marketing internal collaboration ensures that we portray a consistent, holistic view of the company to educators and students worldwide so that they understand:

  • Our company culture and the opportunities we offer.
  • The importance we place on innovation.
  • Our broad portfolio of technology, which helps enhance student education and development.
We partner with universities and educators to help them provide the best possible education and experience to students, and we communicate research and internship opportunities to students and professors. We engage universities on multiple fronts, from participating in conferences, job fairs and other broad activities to very specific recruiting events, design contests, and hands-on experiences in university teaching and research labs. We also assist universities with improving relevant engineering curricula.

Specific examples include the TI University Program, TI Analog Design Contest and TI's Leadership University Program.

K-12 programs

In addition to supporting university programs, we are committed to improving K-12 education. Over the past five years, TI and the TI Foundation have contributed about $35 million to K-12 STEM education. A few K-12 programs we support include the Advanced Placement Incentive Program, robotics competitions and TI MathForward™.